Planning For Lifelong Income

Planning lifelong income

Without the right financial knowledge, you may end up falling short of your financial goals, instead of enjoying the kind of retirement you now envision. I can help you simplify financial matters so you can plan to live well and live confidently.

Naturally, another priority is creating a reliable income stream that will last you throughout retirement. Mike can guide you to tax-deferred investments that can potentially provide a long-term, pension-like income stream. As a specialist in IRA rollovers, he’ll help you strategize to minimize your tax burden as you transfer your funds from your 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plans into new investment accounts.

Just a generation ago, people lived to 70 or 75 and the retirement time horizon was shorter than today. Now, advances in healthcare make a 20- to 40-year retirement a real possibility. With Social Security’s future a question mark, having a replenishing stream of income is vital. Since that income often represents a return of principal, it is also crucial to invest for the long-range growth of your savings.

It is possible to do this conservatively, in one plan. Imagine steady income to address income shortfalls, deferring or reducing taxes, and finding ways to manage risks to your wealth and your estate. A pleasant dream? No, with planning it may become reality. Mike can show you your options.