Who We Serve

At Johnson Wealth Management, we serve clients who are:

  • Frustrated because they don't have time to plan adequately for their financial futures.
  • Feeling confused by the maze of financial choices that they face.
  • In need of a second opinion to help validate an important financial decision.
  • Thinking about retirement and wondering whether they’ve prepared for it adequately.
  • Desiring to make prudent investment decisions but finding that the task of keeping up with their investments is too stressful.
  • Looking for a trusted financial advisor whose compensation doesn’t depend on selling them a financial product.

Everyone must deal with the reality of limited resources: there are finite amounts of time, energy, money, etc. available to each of us. The financial choices that we face are often complex and can seem overwhelming. At one time or another, most people will find that they need professional financial advice to make the best possible decisions